Video Storyboard

2 Locations and 6 Scenes Allocate 2hrs

The following is a visual guide for creating a short video "sizzler." The purpose of this video is to bridge the gap between product and client/contributor, and to educate clients/contributors about your production process. 2hrs is reasonable amount of time to allocate to the filming process.

Video Components

  • Interview recording: Informal and casual. Will not be shown as one whole sequence. Select parts will be edited.
    • Topic examples
      • Discuss how you came to where you are.
      • Why you enjoy what you do.
      • How you interact with people and what experience has taught you.
      • Where you envision the product direction going.
      • Why you think it is important for contributors to engage with your product.
  • Music: Soundtrack will complement a sense of pride, direction, and purpose.
  • Voice over: Will not always coincide with imagery (helps with transitions and keeps view engaged).
  • Placement: Online media.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 8.32.32 PM.png

1. Street / environmental Scene

This scene can be filmed outdoors and involves no interaction with camera. It is simply you walking down the street, walking out of coffee shop, or driving in a car. This gives the viewer a sense of your surroundings, creating an indirect relationship. Video time (10sec).

2. The interview / 2 angles natural light

Most of the voice-over will be extracted from this interview. This is probably the most formal part of the video production. The set should be in a comfortable area, with natural light, quiet, and does not have to be where actual work takes place. To get two different angles this will be shot twice. (Video time: 20 sec // Voice time: ~120 sec).

3. The brand

This 3-5 second sequence will feature the Brand name with a solid color background.

4. Online content view / brand interaction

This sequence is recorded from a computer using Apple Quicktime and does not involve any filming. The purpose is to give clients an idea of what your product looks like in digital form.

5. Work Elements

This sequence visually shows contributors and clients what your work process looks like. The purpose is to demonstrate that there is a curated process – A very important part of video because this is takeaway value (the reason people want to work with you). This is also a great time to plug a future project coming up.

6. Personable interaction with clients or contributors

People like to see other people working together. A hug and a smile goes a long way :)


Watch this video for ideas and inspiration.