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Shane Qureshi
Rocketlight Lab, LLC
Photo Video Graphic Collateral
Ps, Lr, Ae, Id, Xd, Ai, Pr, DJI (tools of the trade used regularly)

To introduce and explore Adobe Behance. By the end of this discussion you will have a better understanding of why and if you need a digital portfolio and where you can start exploring. 

  • Who is interested and why? 
  1. Discuss why and who an online port is applicable to. 
  2. Discuss options: Behance, Dribbble, Dunked, Coroflot.
  3. Explore Behance. 
    1. About
      1. Who else uses it? Nike, Coke, Juan
    2. Behance Resources
      1. Start here at The Help Center
      2. Be Apps
      3. 99u
      4. Portfolio Review Week
      5. Blog
      6. Adobe/Behance Portfolio 
    3. Behance User Experience
      1. Upload a project and publish on Behance
        1. Be smart about keywords, tags, analytics, and shared galleries.
    4. How to use Behance to get an interview and control quality of content: 
      1. Toggle applicable content to your website with Adobe Portfolio.
    5. Something new that I have discovered recently that resonates with clients.
      1. Mobile user experience design Adobe XD