Creative Brief

Purpose // Photography and creative media for fashion designer Lauren Martinez
The purpose of this brief is to communicate a collaborative effort between Lauren Martinez (fashion designer), Estrellita Anglin (Photographer), and Shane Qureshi (Graphic Designer). Our goal is to showcase fashion design product by Lauren Martinez through print and digital media. Most of this brief will cover photography and design material related to Lauren Martinez fabric design. This will not cover the schedule of fabrication process. 

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One of the best ways to communicate fashion design and create purposeful material for the commercial industry, is to create a fashion look-book. This book will contain:

  • Fashion designed by Lauren Martinez, photographed with models and "ghost mannequin" form.
  • The look-book will also triple as a biography/resume and a journal documenting the fabrication process.

At minimum this look-book will be 8 pages, produced by The look-book will be stored on a digital database and can be accessed and re-printed, and electronically distributed at any time.


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Photography and Graphic Design
The inspiration behind the fashion design process is Sabo Skirt . Photography location should be outdoor, warm colors, contrast, hard light and shade, vacation-like feel, comfortable, and relaxed motion. Ideal shoot locations:

  • Galveston or outdoor hotel patio with pool environment.
  • Makeup is very simple, if not natural, with natural skin tone shine.

Documentation of fashion design process:

  • At school design studio, candid photography and video.
  • Coffee shop relaxed interview (video).

More notes to come...