Belvoir Creative Brief

A creative photography shoot centered around Belvoir—Formed in 2014, Belvoir is a four-piece pop/rock band from inner-city Houston, Texas. Band Members:

  • Brandt Archer-Vocals, Guitar
  • Zachary Lee Motes - Guitar
  • Ryan Riddle - Bass
  • Skyler Scholtes - Drums

Local Natives, The Strokes, The Shins, The Killers, Deerhunter, Atlas Sound, MGMT, Modest Mouse, The Flaming Lips, Allen Stone, Albert Hammond Jr., Amy Winehouse, Andrew Bird, The Antlers, Arcade Fire, The Arctic Monkeys, Kings Of Leon, Band Of Horses, The Beatles, Beck, Yellow Ostrich.

Photograph Belvoir as a group and individuals for multimedia communication (Print and Digital). Photography should take into account text and graphic design placement in some but not all imagery. Belvoir has cited Kings Of Leon as design influence but imagery should also represent geographic influence of Houston, TX.

Story Board
The photo shoot will consist of five sets. Each set will be different and will be used for multiple or individual band members. 1) Bathtub 2) Fire Place 3) Couch 4) Cabinet 5) Animal Bust/Urinal.

Check out our Pinterest story board to get an idea of the overall mood.


Interesting Photography Techniques
The photo shoot will consist of studio and natural light in Merchant & Market (MM) store. MM has unique props, lights, and mirrors that will be used for illusions and fine art photography.  

Modern rustic, bohemian, relaxed, refined, and organic.

Makeup & Hair

Photographer: Khoi Dao
Creative / Technical Assist: Shane Qureshi
Creative / Technical Assist: Giselle Yeung
Fashion & Set Design: Merchant & Market
Hair stylist: TBD
Subjects X5: Brandt Archer, Zachary Lee Motes, Ryan Riddle. Skyler Scholtes.

Allocate 4hrs.

Merchant & Market 1637 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

TBD (Mid June 2017)

Placement - Guide not contract.
Multimedia print and digital marketing: Belvoir reserves the right to sell and use imagery. All participating crew reserve the right for non-commercial placement of imagery (portfolio and personal use).